Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead?

In my June 25th post I detailed the excess of the President's United Way of Central Carolina's compensation package. Today the board of directors forced her out, concerned about the negative implications for their upcoming fall campaign.

Here are some related documents for you to read and decide yourself

Charlotte Observer article detailing the board's decision
(in this article there is a drop-down detailing per capita UW giving in various cities)
United Way's Official Statement
Observer Analysis of United Way CEO Compensation

I say good riddance, but with a slight twinge of misdirected justice. Sure, she's exceptionally greedy. And she's going to get the rest of the salary on her contract, but thankfully no more of the benefits (which was the real issue). But really, this is the board's fault. They admit it. Why is King the only one getting the ax? They should all be fired.

These individuals should join our board and redo my benefits package. I demand a Prius, an endless supply of M&Ms, and a dog bone a day for Winston.

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