Monday, January 21, 2008

FLASHBACK: June 20, 2005 - Publius branches out

Publius made his return several months later, a true classic with the introduction of old Asian running man and the Uptown Cabaret renovations.

Date: June 20, 2005 9:37:49 AM EDT
Subject: Dear Reader

Hola, amigos. What's goin' on? I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I pulled out on South Boulevard this morning and I saw another beautiful woman driving a car with a USAT sticker. I wondered if it was the same woman I saw several months ago and wrote about on this forum, so it in turned reminded me that it is important everyone be kept up with the latest current events.

The major news is that South Boulevard is down to one lane on either side from Park to Bland. My loyal readers may remember that I depend on turning left at Bland, which is no longer available. So in turn I've gotten into the pattern of taking a left on Park. Unfortunately I don't like taking that street as an ex-girlfriend lives in those apartments. But you do what you have to do! I could take a left at East and down past Price's Chicken Coop... Man, I've been here almost two years, work nearby, and have yet to get some of that good fried chicken!!

Before I got there I was watching all the guys in those stand/ride lawnmowers wishing I had my own, as my front yard is rather large. I do like keeping up my front yard so Winston can play out there. While my parents were here my mother created some nice flower beds which I have been instructed to water twice a week. So far so good!

Another interesting thing to watch for on my way to work is this small old Asian guy. He has a long grey beard and about a year ago he was out every morning in the cold, jogging with his funny mittens and hat. What a riot! And inspiration to boot. One time I was at the Dowd riding on the bike and I saw him in the weight rooms, you know, one of those gym rats like Jin Woo. For the last nine months after that I never saw him, so I feared things were not good but about a month ago he returned.

For those that haven't noticed Uptown Cabaret is undergoing major renovations outside. You know, kind of like getting a boob job! I guess they are trying to have this nice facade for a change. I watch the progress every day, not because I have a Very Important Customer card but because I work across the street (above Overstock Market). We were going to move to one of those great houses on East Boulevard, which would have been cool for jumping out to join everyone on the Wednesday run, but we could not afford the rent.

I brought in a cake for my co-workers today. It has "Vote For Pedro" written on it. How I came into custody of this cake is a sad and disturbing story. Let's just say I won't eat the cake on principle. The only reason I know it isn't poisoned is my housemate helped herself to slice last night. So it is better if other people eat the cake and it be gone from my life as soon as possible.

Well, I really should get going. My desk was recently voted messiest in the office by my boss (hint hint) and I am under a lot of pressure to clean up my act.


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