Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big! Olive Drab! Different!

Those that have been reading this blog of been in touch with me recently know this whole air conditioning thing has been rough rough rough. So last Monday Acosta finally came to repair the capacitor. Charlie, as usual, was great and very efficient, and what a relief to feel some cool air coming out of those vents.

I wasn't pretending though that this was anything but a temporary fix. I was just surprised how quickly it was before the unit failed again. Around Friday nothing started to come out of the vents, so Winston and I were back to the open windows, big fans, and just sweating it out. Charlie was back out on Monday and showed me how everything was all frozen up. He diagnosed that the refrigerant was leaking out. Back on May 13th when the scheduled maintenance was done they added more refrigerant that I paid for. This was the bad news - at least $800-$900 to fix and once again he couldn't guarantee anything. I told him I wasn't afraid to decline the repair and replace the unit.

I then picked up the phone, but not to Acosta. They had quoted me $6,100 for a replacement, which was a thousand more when they wrote up an estimate at the end of December. Thankfully one of my wise students had replaced their units recently and recommended ARS. Ironically enough, they were the ones that contributed to the AHS denial. I decided to overcome that issue based on the $3,800 quote. There you go. That's how low I will stoop to overlook your shortcomings. ;-)

They were very quick - Tuesday afternoon I met them at 2PM so they could look things over and go over the schedule. And then they surprised me by calling to say they could come this morning. Uh, sure! As they rolled the old unit away, I was caught up in all the beautiful moments we had shared together... To get the new unit in, they had to take down a section of fence outside my bedroom (nearer to Monte's house, and not the gate).

So here it is!

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